Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities (SWDs) Through Remote/Hybrid Learning



Across NYS, 12 Offices of Special Education Partnership Regional Partnership Centers (RPCs) and 14 Family and Community Engagement Centers (FACE Centers) work directly with schools and families to improve teaching and learning for students with disabilities. They work in a wide variety of settings to coordinate regional resources and help ensure continuity of services for students and their families from early childhood through school-age education and post-school opportunities with a special emphasis on students with disabilities. Since the school building closures, the RPCs and FACE Centers have provided virtual training opportunities and kept our educational organizations and families informed of any new guidance. Our Technical Assistance Partners (TAPs) worked diligently to assist in the transition of special education pedagogical materials to a virtual platform for teaching and learning. However, the work has been extremely challenging, and our teachers and educational leaders need more support. TRLE ensures additional resources are allocated for building educator capacity in meeting the needs of SWDs. 

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