Spotlight on Jaime Margolies

Jaime MargoliesJaime Margolies has worked as an educator for over 23 years. She has taught in both public and private schools, becoming a teacher leader.

 Jaime began supporting colleagues while working at a Blue Ribbon-honored school, attended leadership groups at Columbia Teachers College, and worked with colleagues to grow their literacy practice. She transitioned into her work as a literacy consultant, which allowed her to impact teachers and students beyond solely her school, and has been doing this work for the last 10 years. Jaime is the co-author of two books published by Scholastic, "The Complete Year in Reading and Writing: Grade 1" and "The Great Eight Management Strategies for the Reading and Writing Classroom."

Jaime's contributions to her schools include mentoring new and experienced teachers in curriculum implementation, classroom management, reading and writing workshops, small-group instruction, content studies, work time, project-based learning, inquiry and many other areas. Her extensive knowledge of the New York State Standards and what works best for children helps her write strong curricula that meet the unique needs of each school district. Using her 15-plus years of classroom experience, Jaime supports teachers at all levels to implement best practices in literacy through a balanced approach. Teachers experience success as they are coached in a gradual release model where lab sites and one-on-one coaching support learning.  

As a graduate of Bank Street College with a Masters Degree in Special Education, Jaime specializes in supporting all learners. She recognizes the challenges of a range of learners and helps to create a community that allows all students to be successful in their classroom. She supports teachers in understanding and recognizing the importance of setting up systems towards independence for all learners.  Jaime also works to support co-teaching models and Tier I and Tier II interventions. She works in both inclusive and special education schools. 

Jaime also works closely with administrators to create a strong school vision, implement data-driven instruction, and create strong supportive learning environments for all.  She leads professional workshops for teachers and families, specifically planned for a school or their communities' needs. She has worked with brand new schools, with the challenge of adding a grade each year, helping to order all books and materials for a strong learning space. Her work with teachers, principals, literacy coaches, paras/assistant teachers and parents helps to create schools and communities where all students are successful.