Spotlight on Dr. Mary Elizabeth Wilson

Mary Beth Wilson

Science education is Dr. Mary Elizabeth Wilson’s passion.

Her professional experience spans roles as teacher, researcher and thought leader. She has worked across the region, the country and globally, in schools as well as in private industry and even at the American Museum of Natural History. 

“Science is about thinking and knowing and going about our lives,” Dr. Wilson says. “It invites questions and the use of evidence.”

She brings an impressive network of teachers, leaders and practitioners in science education.

“I’m really excited to be working in the science space,” Dr. Wilson said of workshops and coaching opportunities she leads in addition to her role as Senior Director of Professional Development and Instructional Technology. “Being able to assist programs relating to science here in the region is exciting.”

Dr. Wilson earned her doctoral degree at Columbia University, where her dissertation focused on using data to inform curriculum, instruction, and professional learning in science education. 

SWBOCES partners with school districts to develop curricula in line with New York State Education Department standards. Dr. Wilson helps districts to understand where they are with their science instruction and, especially, to celebrate and grow in those areas where they excel.

Her workshops promise to be engaging and interactive for participants. “It’s important for teachers to have the same kind of experiences that we are crafting for kids,” she said.