Spotlight on Diane Cunningham

  Diane Cunningham, Ed. D has a strong background in curriculum, assessment, inquiry, blended learning and adult learning.  She is the president of Diane Cunningham Consulting, where she facilitates professional learning programs for both teachers and leaders using workshop, coaching, and inquiry models. She places a high value on reflective practice and embeds a cycle of design, action, and reflection in all of her programs.  Diane has been supporting online and blended learning for over 10 years.  She is currently supporting two large consortiums of districts in New York State that are in the process of developing, implementing and revising blended curriculum for high school students.  Finally, Diane’s work as a researcher has allowed her to design and conduct needs assessments, program evaluations and audits of curriculum, instruction, assessment. These audits have informed the design of professional learning and have been integrated into the learning experiences of the adults in district. Diane is also a strong advocate of action research and has developed expertise in guiding educators through the process of planning and carrying out collaborative and individual inquiry that is rigorous and grounded in classroom practices. Her last book, Improving Teaching Through Collaborative Action Research, was published in 2011.