Spotlight on Christine Etienne

Christine Etienne has over 31 years as an educator with the New York City Department of Education. With a passion for impacting her community, she has served bilingual students as a paraprofessional, classroom teacher, instructional specialist, and compliance performance specialist. She has written curriculum to support the bilingual community and mentored teachers and administrators. Throughout her career, she has provided children, teachers, parents, and community members the tools necessary to navigate the educational system and achieve their highest potential. Christine’s workshops are interactive and support developing strong instruction for teachers of Multi/English Language Learners by allowing educators to step into their students’ shoes. She has collaborated with government representatives on issues with ELL program services and delivery of funded programs, and oversaw College and Career Readiness Programs for Immigrant students and ELLs in high school. She supports schools in understanding the delivery of appropriate instructional and programmatic services for ELLs. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Brooklyn College and master’s degrees in Bilingual Education and Supervision and Administration, both from Long Island University. Ms. Etienne believes, “We must make it, in spite of it all.”  “Malgre tou, nou kapab rive.”  “Debemos hacerlo, a pesar de todo.”