Spotlight on Dr. Caterina Di Tillio

 Dr. Caterina Di Tillio is a passionate educator. She was born in a small village in Central Italy and emigrated to the United States at the age of 15, not speaking any English.  

Her career spans across years of being a teacher, building administrator as well as District level leader. Her focus has always been empowering the students she has serviced, whether they were gifted, English Language Learners, or Students with Disabilities.

After having worked for almost thirty years with the New York City Department of Education, supporting students, teachers, families, assistant principals, and principals, Caterina retired and moved on to a position in Newark schools as an Early Literacy Specialist, with Children Literacy Initiative (CLI)

During the recent shutdown due to Covid19, Caterina founded and ran the brilliant Minds Learning Center in the Bronx, supporting students in their remote studies.

Currently, Caterina is supporting teachers and administrators as a consultant for SWBOCES.