NYS Learning Standards and Assessments (CoSer 555)

Courses are aligned to the NYS Learning Standards and are designed to support teachers and administrators in their professional learning through research-based and inquiry-focused instructional practices, assessment development, and regional collaboration opportunities.
Courses are available in the following subject areas:


  • Construct a deeper understanding of the learning standards (including the Common Core) and their embedded skills.
  • Design inquiry-based classroom learning opportunities that address 21st-century learning goals.


  • Develop strategies for integrated instruction of both reading and writing across the curriculum.
  • Reflect on current classroom practices and identify strategies and next steps to meet the instructional shifts of the Common Core and other learning standards.
  • Examine instructional scaffolds to assist students in meeting learning goals.


  • Create formative assessment tools to drive classroom instruction toward learning goals.
  • Analyze student work, compare it to grade-level standards and expectations, and design rigorous instruction to support high levels of practice.
  • Assess next steps for instruction after careful analysis of local and state assessment results.
  • Connect content and skills by creating meaningful performance assessments.


  • Facilitate conferences with nationally-renowned leaders in public education.
  • Host an annual Literacy Jubilee to celebrate best practices in English Language Arts “for teachers, by teachers.”
  • Sponsor quarterly after-school networking opportunities for K-12 educators.

  • Provide on-site consultation about educational topics and trends across content areas.

 NYS ELA and Mathematics Scoring Leader Training for Grades 3-8

School district staff members who will lead the scoring of New York State Assessments must be trained on the current assessment every year. Scoring reliability requires annual training in specific grade-level rubrics. Our goal is to prepare district scoring leaders using the most current and accurate information.

 For more information, please contact:

Dr. Betty Ann Wyks, Director of Professional Development 
(914) 345-8500  ext. 3114