Promising Practices Virtual Edcamp

Promising Practices Virtual Edcamp

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What is Promising Practices Virtual Edcamp?
Edcamp is a powerful learning experience designed just for educators and those in the education field. You set the topics and the design of the conversations. Simply learn what you want to learn. There are no experts and no prepared sessions. Edcamp provides the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues, share experiences, ask questions, discuss ideas, challenge your thinking, debate, communicate, and network! 
Where is Promising Practices Virtual Edcamp?
Join from ANYWHERE! It’s online and will be accessible through Zoom.
How much does it cost?  
FREE! (free?) YES! Completely free! Receive virtual swag, discount coupons to attend PD Sessions, CTLE credits, raffles, and more!
This Professional Learning Session Supported by The Teaching Remote/Hybrid Learning Environment (TRLE) Grant.
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NO CATCH! We are as excited as you are! We can’t wait to see you there!

Let’s Get Registered!

Let’s Get Registered!

Thursday, August 19, 2021

How does an Edcamp work?

Keynote Speaker: Ami Patel Song

Ami Patel Song, Consultant, Keynote Speaker

Ami Patel Song earned a BBA from the University of Michigan in Finance and Organizational Behavior, an M.Ed. in Elementary Education from Mercy College, as a NYC Teaching Fellow, and an M.S. in Educational Leadership from the Principal’s Institute at Bank Street College as a Wallace Foundation Fellow. Since 2003, she has served in various educational roles - middle grades math teacher, department chair, coach, policymaker - and now serves as a teacher coach, facilitator, and advisor to school districts on school improvement and equity-centered leadership. Ami is a former basketball coach, current cooking enthusiast, math nerd, and a proud wife and mother of two children in the Edgemont School District.

What are Promising Practices?

Promising Practices are the future.  These are ideas that you have learned, practiced, and adapted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and you plan to take with you as you continue to educate students.  These might also be new ideas you are looking to try and share.  Although there might not be enough research to generalize the effectiveness of promising practices yet, as we share them with others, give them a go, and work to find successes, they are the practices that move teaching and learning towards continuous improvement. 

Pitch a Promising Practices Session

That means that all sessions are decided on by the attendees. Traditionally this is done in a pitch and plan session on the day of EdCamp. Attendees stand up in front of the audience and propose a session. The session is then added to the schedule for the day.

With Promising Practices Edcamp going virtual, the pitching of sessions is going virtual and asynchronous. So, use the Jamboard to pitch your ideas for topics.


Click here to submit your ideas

EdCamp Schedule

9:00 am-12:00 pm ET

9:00-9:40 | Keynote and Introductions

9:40-10:00 | Session Board Building

10:00-10:30 | Session 1

10:40-11:10 | Session 2

11:20-11:50 | Session 3

11:50-12:00 | Closing Remarks

Attendance is flexible. Join any or all sessions that meet your needs.

Meet the Organizers

Tracy Tyler, Supervisor of Literacy & Learning, The Center for Professional Development & Curriculum Support at Southern Westchester BOCES

Tracy Tyler serves as Supervisor of Literacy & Learning at Southern Westchester BOCES.  She supports schools and districts in developing and implementing effective instructional practices resulting in accelerated student achievement.  For over a decade, she has worked with schools across Westchester, the Bronx, and Manhattan to improve teacher pedagogy and design curriculum, with a focus on literacy instruction. Tracy specializes in supporting schools to use data to inform instruction and is passionate about working with educators to develop cognitively engaging lessons and curriculum. 

Sadika Clarke, Coordinator of Health, Safety, and Wellness, The Center for Professional Development & Curriculum Support at   Southern Westchester BOCES

Sadika Clarke's focus is on educating the “whole child.” As the Coordinator of Health, Safety, and Wellness, she curates workshops on social-emotional learning, mental health awareness, and creating inclusive and supportive learning communities. Led by the motto “educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all,” Ms. Clarke collaborates with Southern Westchester BOCES’ component school districts by emphasizing a multi-tiered system of support to develop a positive culture for all students. Ms. Clarke works closely with the Supervisor of School Safety and Facilities to provide workshops about the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA), school violence prevention and non-violent crisis intervention. Ms. Clarke has over a decade of experience in education, supporting students, families and educators. Prior to joining Southern Westchester BOCES, she served as the Coordinator of Student Support Services in the Peekskill City School District and worked as a speech and language pathologist in the New York City public schools. She earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and communications from Hampton University, a master’s degree in speech and language pathology from Lehman College and advanced certification in educational leadership from the College of Saint Rose. 

Angela Carrasquillo, Office Assistant, The Center for Professional Development & Curriculum Support at Southern Westchester BOCES 

Angela Carrasquillo serves as an office assistant at Southern Westchester BOCES. She has a background in Communications and studied at SUNY New Paltz. She manages communications, social media, and technology at the center for professional development and curriculum support. 

Anti-Harassment Policy

The Edcamp Community and Promising Practices Edcamp 2021 are dedicated to a harassment-free experience for everyone. The Edcamp Community’s Anti-Harassment Policy can be found at:”