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  • The Mandated 6 Hour DASA Certification Class

    This program will satisfy the NYSED requirement for 6 hours of training in harassment, bullying and discrimination prevention and intervention for any new certificate or license.

    This training will address the social patterns of harassment, bullying and discrimination, marginalization and microaggressions, including but not limited to those acts based on a person's actual or perceived race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender or sex.
    The training will also address:
    * The identification and mitigation of harassment
    * Bullying and discrimination
    * Strategies for effectively addressing problems of exclusion, bias and aggression in educational settings.

    Please register in MLP:  https://www.mylearningplan.com/WebReg/ActivityProfile.asp?D=12439&I=2436787

    Center for Professional Development and Curriculum Support
  • Introduction to the Design Process: Creating Design Challenges

    This program focuses on creating a design-challenge based curriculum that allows students to learn through inquiry, play, iteration and reflection. In this workshop teachers will:
    * Engage in hands-on learning, as they move through a series of playful challenges to explore the stages of the design process
    * Explore teacher-created models of how the design process can be used across the curriculum to support the development of 21st Century skills
    Receive tools and resources that can be used to implement the design process in contexts of your own.

    Please register in MLP:  https://www.mylearningplan.com/WebReg/ActivityProfile.asp?I=2475955&D=12439

    Center for Professional Development and Curriculum Support
  • Cultivating a Growth Mindset in the Reader's Workshop Grades 3-5 - ELA

    A growth mindset is the belief that one’s abilities can be developed with hard work and effort. This belief can benefit young readers by helping them view challenges as opportunities for growth and inspire them to take charge of their learning. In this three part series, we will explore how to foster a growth mindset within your students through incorporating specific language and practices into your reader’s workshop. In the first installment, we will focus on developing a growth mindset in individual students through conducting compliment conferences, supporting students in goal setting, and observing students through a strengths based lens. The second installment will be an in depth exploration of small group structures you can put in place to facilitate collaboration and growth mindset based conversations among your students. Finally, the third session will introduce several routines and resources you can incorporate into the reader’s workshop that will get student thinking, writing, and talking in ways that promote a growth mindset.

    Session 1: Teachers can bring any observation and/or conference notes.
    Session 2: Teachers can bring any guided reading or strategy group lesson plans or talking prompts used with reading partners or whole class discussions.
    Session 3: Teachers can bring examples of anchor charts or routines used in their reader’s workshop.

    For more information and to register in MLP, click here:


    Center for Professional Development and Curriculum Support
  • Great Teachers and Leaders - Ongoing Training for Those Who Observe Teachers

    Evidence-Based Feedback and Coaching Conversations that impact Instructional Practice

    The focus of this workshop is on developing skill in evidence based observation within the context of district professional development goals. This learning experience is appropriate for all Lead Evaluators who have been previously certified by their districts and can be used by districts as evidence for recertification.

    This is an advanced course for supervisors who will be observing teachers and/or serving as Lead Evaluators. This one-day workshop serves to build expertise in evaluation including practice in achieving inter-rater agreement through evidence based observation. This course includes focus on coaching conversations that impact instructional practice. The session will also include the most current updates from NYSED.

    Please register in MLP:  https://www.mylearningplan.com/WebReg/ActivityProfile.asp?I=2457892&D=12439

    Center for Professional Development and Curriculum Support
  • U.S. History Lessons Integrating Economics and the C3 Framework

    Learn how to integrate Economics into the C3 Framework using the Inquiry Design Model (IDM) focusing on three events in our history: “Robber Barons: Crooks or Great Entrepreneurs”, “Civil Rights from Plessy (1896) to Ferguson, MO (2015+) and the “No Good 1970’s: Nixon to Reagan”. Using these lessons, teachers will meld the critical thinking skills of an “Economic Way of Thinking”, “Habits of Mind”, “Geographic Reasoning” and “Civic Participation” from the Framework. We will also break down the new assessments with multiple choice questions tied to documents/stimuli (charts, maps, cartoons, etc.; short response questions also tied to stimuli; and the new extended essay which features a varying number of documents which must be tied to “Enduring Issues” from past and present events (i.e. Human Rights, Power, Nationalism, Constitutional Principles, etc.)

    Please register in MLP:  https://www.mylearningplan.com/WebReg/ActivityProfile.asp?I=2473499&D=12439

    Center for Professional Development and Curriculum Support
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Noteworthy News

  • Dr. Darby to be honored Oct. 7 as 'Woman of Distinction'

    Dr. Michele Darby will be honored at a Woman of Distinction awards luncheon hosted Saturday,  Oct. 7, by state Assemblyman Edward Ra.

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  • Dr. Michele Darby Named P.D. Assistant Director

    Dr. Michele Darby became the assistant director of professional development at Southern Westchester BOCES in July. She joined a strong team that plans and implements professional development and learning for SWBOCES’ 32 component districts. Read more in link.

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  • Connect with us!

    The Center for Professional Development shares information on upcoming programs,  photos and discussion from seminars and other great content that's important to you as an educator. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @swbocespd today! 

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  • The 2017-2018 Professional Development Catalog is out!

    The 2017-2018 Professional Learning Services Catalog from the Center for Professional Development and Curriculum Support is out. If you haven't seen a hard copy at your school yet, view or download it now. Jumpstart your professional learning now!

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  • Upcoming Professional Development Workshops

    Check out our workshops, offerings and collaborations.

    Instructional Leadership Forums in ELA, Social Studies, Science, Math, The Arts and World Languages
    Quarterly Literacy Collaborative Series
    Ongoing Formative Assessment 

    The Post Observation Conference: Situational Leadership
    Purposeful Instruction Yields Retention
    Feedback that Moves Writers Forward: Writer-Focused Feedback that Cultivates Writing
    Social Studies Practice #4: Geographic Reasoning


    Center for Professional Development and Curriculum Support
  • Reimagined Learning Spaces the Focus of Library Conference Keynote

    Tech education specialist Bret Foster encouraged school librarians attending the Seventh Annual SLS Conference March 31 to consider their school libraries as active learning spaces. Read more about the popular conference here.

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  • Meeting design puts focus on culture shift, classroom change

    Dan Gross of Innovative Designs for Education shared ideas with component district administrators at our Harrison campus today on designing meetings that model what's important and what they're looking to accomplish in classrooms. "If you want to inspire teachers to take the next steps toward 21st Century classrooms," Gross said, "One of the ways that can happen in the culture is if the meetings model those shifts." The daylong session, "Designing Meetings to Model Instructional Shifts," focused on designing small-group discussion protocols, embedding formative assessment, infusing technology, and creating multiple paths for learning and collaboration.

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  • Students land scholarships at 27th Annual Puerto Rican/Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute

    Six Hudson Valley students were awarded $9,000 in scholarships at the annual Puerto Rican/Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute conference in Albany March 25-27. Read more here.

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  • Digital Library Week event a success

    Ebook circulation goals were  surpassed, and Overdrive, the company that provides ebook content to libraries awarded some choice selections to the School Library System following last month's Digital Library Week campaign. Read more here.

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  • IDE Partnering with SW BOCES

    The Center for Professional Development is now partnering with Innovative Design for Education, the educational consultant group founded by Dr. Nancy Sulla, renowned author of Students Taking Charge and It's Not What You Teach But How.   IDE is also available for coaching and in-district consultations. The following sessions are planned for the remainder of the school year:

    Using a Design Process (NGSS-Aligned) in All Subjects
    Designing Transdisciplinary STEAM Problem-Based Authentic Learning Units
    Designing Lessons to Build Executive Functions
    Designing Meetings to Model Student-Centered, Problem-Based Instructional Shifts You Are Looking For in the Classroom
    Designing Authentic Problem-Based Learning Units

    Center for Professional Development and Curriculum Support